Core values of the Einhell Group

All activities by Management Committee members, Business Managers or employees are based on human dignity, mutual respect and a service approach to all employees.

External core values

  • Technology offering a good price/performance ratio.
  • Quality that customers believe in and enjoy.
  • The customer is king. To be successful, the company must achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Maintain good relations with banks, shareholders and suppliers.
  • To strengthen social responsibility of our partners and suppliers.

Internal core values

  • Employees at all levels take responsibility and have the courage to make decisions.
  • Employees receive a just reward for corporate success
  • Social responsibility and retention of jobs
  • Continuous product and process improvement.
  • Flexibility to try something new.

Corporate Culture

  • The Einhell Group defines its corporate culture simply as living together with mutual respect in dignified conditions.
  • Cooperation between managers and all employees is based on unreserved trust.
  • The relationship is characterized by mutual honesty and absolute loyalty to the company.
  • A cooperative management style is a distinguish feature of the Einhell corporate culture.
  • We must not knowingly introduce products into the market that pose a hazard to property or users, are highly dangerous or damage the environment. Neither turnover nor profit considerations may be allowed to impinge on this basic principle.
  • The corporate culture represents an obligation to mutual loyalty on the part of the company and its employees. This ensures that the employees’ jobs are safe and the company has a permanent, motivated workforce.
  • Einhell Germany AG regards it as an essential management responsibility to observe laws (Commitment). In order to ensure the observation of laws by Einhell Germany AG and its subsidiaries a Group-wide compliance management system has been installed, which is composed of the generally accepted instruments of compliance rules (in particular risk analysis, codes of conduct, audits and reporting).

Management Culture

  • Managers use their management skills rather than their authority to lead and motivate employees. Their management style engages the employees in the management process.
  • A clear, objective goal defines each management task, and there must be coordination between everyone involved.
  • A willingness to cooperate and concern for human values must be the key features of our management style. Management behavior determines whether motivation or opposition dominates the company atmosphere.
  • All managers must be friendly, honest and open towards employees.
  • Every manager must be a model of solidarity, straightforwardness and reserve.
  • Successful cooperation is based on respect for human values and mutual respect within the management team.