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At the stock markets the year 2012 was turbulent for the investors.

The debt crisis continued to enlarge in the Eurozone. Sometimes, an exit or exclusion of countries from the common currency seemed possible. Even the Southern European Countries of the Eurozone had to fight to ailing banks, rising interest rates, growing budget deficits and diminishing economies. All these facts put the stock markets under pressure. Also the value of the euro compared to the dollar fell to mid-2012 to the lowest level since 2010.

The announcement of the ECB to buy government bonds from Euro zone countries which are affected intensely by the crises under certain conditions in the future brought a relaxation for the markets.

Even the Euro rescue fund, which was founded in October, gave an upswing to the stock markets. So the DAX could record growth in the first quarter, but then got under pressure in the further course of the year.

Regarding to the announcements of the ECB the DAX climbed to new high level in the year 2012 and closed with an increase of 29% at 7.612,39 points. In 2012 the MDAX developed even better and closed with an increase of about 34% at 11.914,37 points.

All in all the German stock market registered a satisfied year 2012 despite the often negative reports from the Eurozone.