The Einhell Share

The year at the stock market 2014 was embossed from opposed news and developments.

Besides positive economic data from USA and Germany, China surprised with weak economic data, the economic situation at Europe was further weak. With escalation of Ukraine crisis in February 2014, devaluation of ruble and a lowering recession at Russia the economic situation dulled. The Federal Reserve and European Central Bank provided with constant prime rate reduction a liquidity surplus.

Further, the declined oil price and the weak Euro affected the stock market especially at the end of the year. In the second half-year contrary developments lead to strong variations on stock markets.

Also the German stock index (DAX) follows this development. After two strong years in chart-development the index only increased about 2.65% in the trade year 2014. During the year 2014 the rate fluctuates between the lowest level of 8.572 points and the highest level of nearly 10.100 points.

At the end of the year the DAX closed with 9.806 points. Also mid-cap-DAX was underlying variations in trade year 2014. The Index moved between the lowest level of 14.733 points and the highest level of 17.184 points. At the end of the trade year the mid-cap-DAX closed with 16.935 points; this means a comparatively slight surplus of 2.17%.


Development of market cap and equity 2005 – 2014