The cordless car polishing machine CE-CB 18/254 Li polishes the bonnet of a car.

Car accessories for DIYers

Professional, high quality and efficient

No pain no gain. If you love your wheels you must work hard to help it look good. If you love your car,  you must take care of it with  Einhell car maintenance products and accessories! Your eyes turn moist when you see paint becoming dull? Pamper your car with a good bright facial using our polishing machines.

You do not want to wait half-a-day in the workshop waiting for them to change your car tires? Do it yourself, it is easy, safe and quick with our trolley jack and impact screw driver.

And as battery specialists we at Einhell naturally have a heart for your battery. Get, set, go!

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In just a few seconds you can access the Einhell product range available in your country. Just enter your country of residence and get on the way!

Your Enabler moment: 5 degree celsius 2 millimeter profile 4 new tires 20 screws 40 times "zscht" 15 minutes work. 6 months safe travels. I did it!

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Spring cleaning time!

Washing Before Polishing! Our powerful high pressure cleaners and dirt devouring wet/dry vacuum cleaners make washing the car fun once again. Just a couple of minutes and your car looks like new - once again. Take a look at our cleaning equipment. Your car will love it!