The Einhell headquarters

Einhell presents state-of-the-art building technology in Landau/Isar

After Einhell Germany AG ceremoniously opened the Einhell Welt in September 2019, the next step towards the future will follow two years later with the opening of the new high-bay warehouse on 12 November 2021: With one of the highest high-bay warehouses in Germany, Einhell is setting new standards and making use of state-of-the-art logistics and automation technology.

Facts about the new high-bay warehouse

Euro pallets
cubic metres
2.3 Million

With its Power X-Change battery strategy, Einhell Germany AG is not only reaching new dimensions in terms of its order situation. In order to react appropriately to the growth, the main site in Landau an der Isar in Germany is also taking on new dimensions. For its newly built high-bay warehouse Einhell relies on state-of-the-art, fully automated technology entering in a new logistics era with this milestone.

43 metres high, 142 metres long and 39 metres wide: With 2,300 tonnes of installed steel, the new Einhell landmark comprises 40,000 cubic metres of enclosed space and towers over the Landau site as one of the largest high-bay warehouses in Germany.

With the help of the latest computer technology and sensors, up to 2.3 million products can be stored on over 41,080 Euro pallets and made ready for dispatch. From now on, the new high-bay warehouse will ensure environmentally friendly and sustainable transport routes and make it possible to deliver the goods to the customer as quickly as possible.

"The decision to build one of the highest high-bay warehouses in Germany at the Einhell site in Landau, with a height of 43 metres, was also made for environmental reasons. We are thus reducing the sealed area to a minimum and saving many transport kilometres, and thus energy, in the high-bay warehouse itself."
Dr. Markus Thannhuber
Chief Technical Officer, Einhell Germany AG

Facts of Einhell Welt

18 month
Construction period
1.700 sqm

The Einhell Welt as a centerpiece

The new showroom allows guests to see the wide and varied Einhell range up close. Visitors will be able to see product innovations for themselves in extended practical tests in the demonstration workshops, training rooms and the new outdoor test site. The bright and open office and meeting rooms will give the ever-increasing number of employees space for flexible and cross-functional working.