Our philosophy

Einhell - The high-performance Enablers

But what does this mean? Whether its for our customers in the product development or in the service or for our employees regarding flexibility and loyalty or for us as a company when we're working with our sales partners - we thrive to do our best to enable everything, so that everyone can participate in enjoyment and freedom.

What it means for our customers

We design and deliver products, which bring our customers freedom and joy when they are implementing their projects. We always focus on our customers' needs and therefore, place great emphasis on continuous improvement through innovation. Our high quality helps our customers work with ease and efficiency. Our extensive services, customer-friendliness and a stable pricing policy that strives to offer "brand quality at best prices" makes it easy for people to pursue their passion for DIY projects, gardening or taking care of their car.

What this means for our employees

The whole is greater than its parts. Team spirit and friendly cooperation give us the strength to "make things possible" in the company.  Our company culture has evolved from this belief. A culture founded on our core values of trust, honesty, loyalty, respect, accountability and a solution-oriented approach of "moving ahead, while others are still arriving!".  Our goal as an employer too is to "make things possible". A company that stands for good work-life balance, fair compensation, employee development, flat hierarchy and a collaborative leadership style.

What this means for us as a company

Delivering excellent service is a must. That is why, we place great emphasis on trained and committed employees.  With over 46 subsidiaries and partners all over the world, we offer outstanding service even at a global level. Our subsidiaries work closely with our global partners to ensure that these exact service standards are met.

When developing new products, we always keep our customers' demands and requirements in mind. We want to give our customers, through our consistent high quality, unique design and our own innovations, not just ease-of-use and great features, but want to delight them with freedom and autonomy. It is this wish that has moulded our vision to bring with Power X-Change freedom into every home and garden.