The Power X-Change partners

1 battery. 1000 possibilities.

"Cordless freedom for all" is at the heart of Einhell's vision. Many already know that cordless screwdrivers, handheld circular saws, lawn mowers and the like can be operated with one and the same battery as part of the Power X-Change battery system. So that we can provide our customers with cordless freedom in even more areas of life, in recent years we have also opened up our platform to valuable cooperation partners from other areas. These partners are already using our Power X-Change batteries in some of their products – and there are more of them all the time!

Our platform partners' current areas

These are our partners

Strong cooperation with strong products


A specialist for extreme applications in the industrial sector

Our new Power X-Change platform partner is a specialist for extreme applications in the industrial sector. alki TECHNIK GmbH has been developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality, innovative and patented products in the field of bolting technology under the alkitronic® brand for over 40 years. Their devices are used to tighten or loosen bolt connections with high torques up to several thousand Nm. The battery-powered torque multiplier alkitronic® EB is particularly powerful, achieving a force of up to 6,000 Nm thanks to our Power X-Change battery. The alkitronic® EB is used, for example, in the assembly and maintenance of wind turbines. There, our Power X-Change battery offers alkitronic® maximum flexibility, extreme mobility, independence at lofty heights and immediate readiness for use.


Unlimited suction experience thanks to battery exchange system

With the SEPURO hand and stick vacuum cleaner, SEVERIN, as a major German electrical appliance manufacturer, is now also part of the Power X-Change battery platform. The included 3.0 Ah battery allows the SEPURO PRO to run for up to 60 minutes. But the clear advantage as part of our battery system is: With a second battery, you can work virtually uninterrupted thanks to the exchange system! At the same time, the vacuum cleaner guarantees uncompromising cleanliness. Available as a model with or without a bag, it sets new standards in hygiene and allergy friendliness. Thanks to the HEPA13 filter, 99.98% of all allergens are filtered out of the air. In addition, the 450-watt digital motor with a suction power of up to 24 kPa at four power levels including a TURBO level is impressive. This makes the SEPURO with Power X-Change battery the powerful cleaner for every household.

Vecocraft/ Intercraft GmbH

Power X-Change battery power meets practical folding e-bike

Whether exploring the city by bike, cycling to work or enjoying nature: It's all now possible with Power X-Change battery power from Einhell. The battery-powered FoldyE folding bike from our platform partner Intercraft GmbH is powered by the Twin Pack technology of our two 18 V Power X-Change batteries - in other words, with 36 V Einhell battery power! Depending on the battery capacity, the compact aluminium e-bike has a range of up to 35 km and can reach a speed of up to 25 km/h. It is equipped with 7 gears and can be operated with a single pedal. It is equipped with 7 gears and has a frame height of 40 cm. With its foldable handlebar stand, pedals and frame, the bike is also easy to transport in the underground or in the car, making it the ideal companion for on the go.


E-Mobility with Power X-Change

Einhell and GOVECS joined forces for emission-free driving: With the ELMOTO KICK, an e-scooter has been powered by our Power X-Change batteries since 2019. The battery power provides the scooter with a maximum speed of 20 km/h and a maximum range of 20 km. For charging, the batteries can be easily and quickly removed in just five seconds thanks to the simple click system. Fully charged in less than two hours, the road-worthy speedster is quickly ready for the next use. Once at the destination, the batteries can then be easily used for listening to music, for example, with the Bluetooth Box. This makes riding with the ELMOTO KICK e-scooter not only fun, but also sustainable thanks to the battery operation and the versatile applications of the batteries!


Mission fun with the Powerk battery

Since 2021, the Allgäu-based toy manufacturer Jamara has been offering ride-on vehicles with battery expertise from Einhell for the smallest customers. Two models of the Jamara ride-on vehicles – a sporty quad bike and a chic red sedan for children aged three and up – are already powered by our Power X-Change system batteries. Depending on the battery capacity, the charge lasts between 30 minutes (1.5 Ah) and several hours (5.2 Ah). Compared to conventional models with a charging time of 10–15 hours, the Power X-Change batteries can be recharged significantly faster and easily in 30–120 minutes with the corresponding charger, depending on the battery capacity. This puts the vehicles at the top of the kids' wish lists.

Knaus Tabbert

Camping with E.POWER technology

As a partner of our Power X-Change platform, campervan and caravan manufacturer Knaus Tabbert uses our Power X-Change batteries in selected models to produce an autonomous energy supply using their "One Night Stand" system – powering their caravans for an entire night! The Einhell caravan charger was presented for the first time at Caravan Salon 2021. Additional advantage for campers: Of course, the battery can be removed at any time and easily inserted into one of the other 300+ battery-powered devices, such as a cordless vacuum cleaner or a cordless compressor. Our Power X-Change battery is also the perfect companion for your next camping trip.


Power X-Change in health-friendly logistics

A task for heavyweights: The ErgoMove 1000 electric drive system from Blickle supports companies in the transport of goods, so that the health of their employees is sustainably protected even during particularly demanding tasks. There are two Power X-Change batteries from Einhell in the cockpit of the ErgoMove 1000. The energy from the lithium-ion batteries is transferred via the cockpit directly to two electrically driven fixed castors. For example, Blickle was easily able to integrate the Power X-Change battery into the ErgoMove 1000 using the plug and play concept. Our Einhell battery-power allows up to 300 starts and the pulling and pushing of loads of up to one tonne – about the weight of a small car. A partnership that enables a variety of transport tasks under the lowest possible load.