Einhell ist Main Partner von
BMW i Motorsport

Mit Akku-Power in die Zukunft

Was in der Formel E als automobile Zukunft gilt, ist mit der Akku-Plattform Power X-Change auch bei Einhell in den Fokus gerückt: immer mehr Heimwerker und Gartenliebhaber schätzen die kabellose Freiheit, die Akkugeräte ermöglichen. Anlässlich der Fahrzeugpräsentation des BMW Rennwagens für die Formel E Rennserie, dürfen wir uns jetzt stolz als neuer Hauptpartner von BMW i Motorsport vorstellen. Mit dieser Partnerschaft wollen wir für euch noch besser werden und die Poleposition in punkto Akku-Kompetenz im DIY-Bereich sichern.

Als bayerische Traditionsunternehmen mit einer starken internationalen Ausrichtung passen BMW und Einhell aber auch bezüglich ihrer Markenwerte gut zusammen: Was bei BMW „Freude am Fahren“ ist, ist bei Einhell „Begeisterung beim MöglichMachen eigener Projekte“. Wo Einhell seinen Kunden mit Power X-Change „Freiheit und Autonomie“ ermöglicht, bietet BMW i dem Fahrer „Unabhängigkeit von fossilen Antriebsstoffen“. 

"We think that in the next 10 years batteries will almost completely replace the use of cables around the house and in the garden. This is why we are combining all our power in the areas of technology and development in our Power X-Change battery platform."
Andreas Kroiss
CEO of Einhell Germany AG

BMW and Formula E

Formula E as a platform for the mobility of the future

From the 2018/19 season will be represented as an official manufacturer in the FIA Formula E Championship. The vehicles with a completely newly developed BMW powertrain are factory-fitted by BMW with the Andretti Formula E Team. The main driving force behind the new BMW i Motorsport is the development of innovative technologies in the field of electromobility, where the company has developed a leading position over the last ten years.

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From 0 to 100 km/h...

...in 2.8 seconds.

The new BMW i Motorsport racing car needs just 2.8 seconds to pass the 100-km/h mark. This is down to acceleration powered by lithium-ion technology, and races can also take place in the midst of the most beautiful cities due to the fact that the race cars run without emissions thanks to e-mobility.

Formula E

More than just motor sport

The FIA Formula E Championship is the first motor series in the world for racing cars with electric engines. So-called E-Prix races have been taking place on city courses in cities across the globe since 2014. The aim of the Formula E Championship is not only to entertain with the sport, but also to promote innovation for electric engine systems and demonstrate the potential of sustainable energy. In this way, the FIA Formula E Championship manages to bring together sporting excellence and sustainable automotive concepts.

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The FIA Formula E Championship 2018/2019

Race, start times, routes

The FIA Formula E Championship 2018/19 is the fifth season of the FIA Formula E Championship. The first of the 13 races starts on 15 December 2018 in Diriyah. The final meet of the season will be the race on 14 July 2019 in New York City. The only race held in Germany will take place on 25 May 2019 on the site of the old Berlin Tempelhof airport. Alongside BMW i, Andretti Autosport will also be battling it out against ten other teams in the 2018/2019 season for the Formula E world title.

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Special features of Formula E


Formula E is the only event in the world where fans play an active role in influencing the result of the race. FANBOOST gives fans the chance to vote for their favourite driver and give them extra power in the race.

How does Fanboost work?

The three drivers with the most FANBOOST votes get more power for a short period of time, which can be used in a 5-second window in the second half of the race. All fans have the chance to vote for their favourite driver with FANBOOST from 6 days before the race up to 6 minutes before its start.


Apart from the FANBOOST, there is yet another option for the drivers to increase the power of their cars during the race over and above the 200 kW (272 PS) predetermined by the FIA. With the ATTACK MODE another unique component has been added to the Formula E. Drivers in this mode are given 25 kW of additional power for a certain period. The duration and number of times the ATTACK MODE has to be activated vary from race to race.

How can the drivers activate the ATTACK MODE?

In order to use it, the drivers have to cross the Activation Zone on the race course, the location of which will be announced by the FIA right before the race. While driving through the drivers also have to press a button on their steering wheel. The audience can tell that a driver is in ATTACK MODE by means of the FIA Halo protection system. This light band glows blue once the car is in ATTACK mode and magenta when the FANBOOST has been activated additionally.

Technical details: Find out for yourself, what is so special about Power X-Change battery pack.