Laser Measuring Tool

TE-LD 60

The Einhell Laser Measuring Tool TE-LD 60 is the ideal handheld tool for measuring distances, areas and volumes. For practical use in the house, apartment, hobby room and workshed, and on interior finishing or renovation work, the laser distance meter is a helpful tool every time. It makes light work of measuring distances up to 60 meters with precision. The TE-LD 60 enables accuracy with a deviation of just plus/minus two millimeters per meter to be achieved.

For straightforward documentation of the measurement results there is a "Measure Assistant” app which is compatible with the laser distance meter. In addition, the laser distance meter also saves the last 20 measurement results automatically.

"Measure Assistant" App

Simply connect via Bluetooth with your mobile phone

Digital revolution: Laser measuring tool for more accurate measurements!

  • The laser measuring tool enables areas and volumes and distances up to 60 meters to be measured easily and precisely. Measurements can be taken from either the front or the rear edge or from the stop plate on the device.
  • The laser measuring tool allows the results to be added and subtracted, and it also has a Pythagoras function for making indirect measurements of lengths and heights.
  • The laser measuring tool is not only suitable for measuring distances and lengths, it can also be used as a precise spirit level.
  • For prolonged assignments the laser distance meter is also comfortable to hold at all times thanks to the softgrip
  • For straightforward documentation of the measurement results there is a "Measure Assistant” app which is compatible with the laser measuring tool. In addition, the laser distance meter also saves the last 20 measurement results automatically.
  • There is also a min/max function for continuous measurements in quick succession. A pitch function enables predefined distances to be determined with accuracy.
  • The safety function provides protection for the user - and others as well: The laser beam is only activated after the switching on operation is repeated.

The days when loose handwritten sketches and notes simply disappear from the workbench are a thing of the past. With the handy Measure Assistant App, all documentation for a project can now be easily stored in a location that most people (almost) always have with them: a phone. Simply connect the device to your mobile phone via Bluetooth using the app and the measurements from the TE-LD 60 will be transferred to the smartphone.


Both the laser distance measuring device and the smartphone can be used to easily and precisely measure surfaces and volumes, as well as distances up to 60 metres. Measuring can be carried out from the front and rear edge or the stop plate of the device. In addition, the results can be added and subtracted, or used with a Pythagoras function for the indirect measurement of lengths or heights. In addition, the device can also be used as a precise spirit level.


The transmitted data can then be edited in the app. Both in a photo or image, as well as on a coordinate paper a sketch of the measuring range can be created by means of a plan, in which different areas are colour-coded and assigned to measured values. Individual notes or comments can also be added. 


The last 20 measurement results can be tracked in the measurement log. After measuring, the values and sketches can be combined in the form of projects, which are stored in the personal project list. These can subsequently be edited again at any time, deleted and also exchanged with others, e.g. be shared via AirDrop, email or through other applications. This means you always keep track of several projects at the same time and can also involve others.

All questions at a glance


Where can I download the Einhell Measure Assistant APP?

Einhell Measure Assistant can be downloaded in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store.

Which mobile devices are supported?

Supported Android devices: Smartphones with Android 4.0 and Bluetooth® 4.0 or higher.

Supported iOS devices: iPhone (4S or higher), iPad (3rd Gen. or higher), iPad Air (1st Gen. or higher), iPad mini (1st Gen. or higher).

Can I use Einhell Measure Assistant on my Windows/Blackberry device?

No, the app is available only for iOS and Android devices.

Will my projects be saved if there is a software update in the meantime?

Yes, your projects and plans will be retained when a software update is performed.

Why can I not establish a connection between Einhell Measure Assistant and my device?

Please check whether Bluetooth® is activated on the smartphone and on the measure device, and whether the devices are within range.

Can I connect other Bluetooth laser measure devices to my Einhell Measure Assistant APP?

No, the app can connect only to compatible Einhell Laser Measures.

What is the maximum distance between Einhell Laser Measure device and Measure Assitant APP to keep a stable Bluetooth connection?

We did some testing, the maximum distance is 20m.

How can I transfer measured values from device to APP?

Establish a Bluetooth® connection between your Einhell Laser Measure and Einhell Measure Assistant and select a project. Create a project if necessary. As soon as the devices are connected and a project has been selected, the measured values will be automatically transferred in real time and saved in the measured value list of the project. If you have added an element beforehand, the measured value will be entered directly into the element.

Where do I find my measured values?

You can view and use your measured values by opening a plan and tapping symbol "D".

Can I transfer measured values to the APP subsequently?

No. Only the values measured while the Bluetooth® connection is active are saved in the app. In the upper menu bar you can see whether a device is connected.

How many measured values are stored in the measured value list?

There is no limit for the amount of measured values. But, we recommend not to save too many data, as this will make the app run slowly.

Can I enter measured values into my drawing manually?

Yes. First mark an element and then click on the symbol "D", then select the measured value.

What is meant by tagged/untagged?

Tagged measured values are assigned to an element in your plan. Untagged measured values are not.

How can I save my projects and plans?

All data is saved automatically.

How can I export my projects and plans from the APP?

You can send your projects in PDF format by e-mail or other APP. To do so, tap on the export button and then select the APP.