A man cleans his workshop with an Einhell wet-dry vacuum cleaner.

Professional cleaning devices for the workshop, construction site or garage

Efficient, effective, clean

Make life miserable for dust, grime and dirt: Einhell's wet/dry vacuum cleaners, ash vacuum cleaners and high pressure cleaners are real all-rounders when it comes to cleaning. With a wet/dry vacuum cleaner you can clear away wet construction debris, a clogged rain drain or dog hair from the trunk - hygienic! Say goodbye to hot ash from the chimney with one of our fire-proof ash vacuum cleaners. Blow away stubborn stains on the wall, car paint or in stone joints in no time with our high pressure cleaner. Don't dirty your hands -  reach out for an Einhell professional cleaning device.

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Your Enabler moment: 15 litre rain per square metre 2 narrow tires 30 km on muddy forest tracks 180 revolutions per minute. 5 minutes to catch your breath 2 minutes high pressure cleaner Ready for the next trip. I did it!

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Well maintained is well cleaned!

You have just washed your car - but the paint is still dull ? Take a look at our wide range of car accessories. You will find here not just high-quality polishers to make your car shine brilliantly but also a number of other aids for regular car care.