A gardener cuts grass near a tree with an Einhell lawn trimmer.

Tools to take care of lawns, shrubs and trees

Electrical, cordless or petrol powered tools for hobby gardeners

Do you enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass like us? Then you will find at Einhell the exact tools and machines for your lawns, hedges, trees and everything which makes a garden an oasis of happiness. See now the complete collection of our garden tools for hobby gardeners, from battery operated lawn mower, electrical hedge trimmers to petrol operated tillers. All our machines have been designed and developed by real gardening experts in Germany - for the most challenging demands, a satisfying value for money experience and complete joy of gardening.

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Your Enabler moment: 500 square metres. 20 million blades of grass. 2 batteries. 3000 revolutions per minute. Cordless. No petrol. Unique.

Power X-Change

The multifaceted battery system for hobby gardeners and outdoor fans

Cordless. No petrol smell. With Einhell's Power X-Change battery system you work independent of fixed power sources or fossil fuels. Simply insert the powerful all purpose battery system and get going - in every corner of your garden. With Power X-Change you will find highly efficient lawn mowers, precise hedge trimmers, powerful chain saws and many more cordless aids for all your gardening projects. Say goodbye to cords and cables and bring in the innovative battery system from Einhell!

Cordless Lawn Mower GE-CM 43 Li M Kit Double 18V-Twin Pack Power for lawns up to 600 square meter. Cordless!


Electrical or petrol operated lawn mowers, tillers, scarifiers and trimmers

Seen green lawns only in sports shows? High time your garden deserves a real rejuvenating cell therapy! Whether petrol operated or electricity operated: our powerful mowers, tillers and scarifiers removes all that get into the way of a well maintained lawn. Weeds ? Weed them out! Hard soil? No problem for the rotary tiller. Make your lawns beautiful again, for youself, your family - and of course your neighbour.

By the way: For very small gardens we have compact and manouevrable hand-held lawn mowers in our collection. Because sometimes small is big!

Electric Scarifiers/Aerator GC-SA 1231/1 Our scarifiers for health lawns in small and mid-sized gardens.


Electric or petrol hedge trimmers, chain saws, shredders and leaf blowers

The most beautiful thing in a garden? Really beautiful trees! As passionate gardeners we know how much blood, sweat and tears go into maintaining bushes, hedges and trees. We also know, how to make your work a little easier - for example our efficient hedge trimmers, multifunctional tools and chain saws. That will help you trim not only your boxwood. Even thick branches can be effortlessly axed. That takes care of healthier trees, a full bloom and joy in your harvest.

Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer/Pruner GC-HC 9024 T The flexible 2in1 allrounder for taking care of bushes, hedges and shrubs.

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