A DIY enthusiast uses a Power X-Change grinder to sharpen a door.

Power tools for DIY enthusiasts

Flexible, compact and powerful

As versatile as your DIY projects: Whether you are moving, renovating or simply want to turn the world upside down, with Einhell's hand-held power tools you will find suitable devices for all types of work. From battery powered impact drills to powerful hand-held circular saws we offer a wide range of tools, that are simple to use and yet can perform the toughest of tasks. Ideal for Beginners and DIY experts!

Discover now suitable power tools for your project. Experience modern features, high-quality design and the excellent Einhell value-for-money advantage. Find out your yourself our excellent guarantee and after-sales services. Roll up your sleeves - make your DIY dreams come true!

Further information about Einhell products

In just a few seconds you can access the Einhell product range available in your country. Just enter your country of residence and get on the way!

Your Enabler moment: 28,800 blows per minute. 6 boreholes á 10mm in diameter. 3 new wall cupboards. 15 minutes work. 15 years peace. I did it!

Power X-Change

Versatile battery system for Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts

With Power X‐Change you work completely free from - sockets, cables and cords and generators. Result of intense product development, our high-performance battery will give you maximum flexibility and output on any of the many tools that can be operated with Power X-Change. All devices and battery types are compatible with each other. This makes Power X-Change a full fledged battery system that you can use to complete your projects quickly, efficiently and reliably and at the same time economically.  Already so clever!

Even more power and durability! Many Power X-Change tools are now even more efficient due to the Brushless Technology!

Drills/Impact drills/Rotary Hammers

Electric drill machines, impact drills and rotary hammers with mains-connection

Maximum power to demanding interior design projects: Make stone walls, weather boarding and even massive reinforced concrete walls tremble with our electric drill machines! Whether it is relocation or demolition: From hand-held drillers to brute-force demolition hammers we have the exact right tool for your needs. In addition to this, we offer modern features such as SDS-shank, brushless motors or aluminium gearbox for comfort, quality and long service life of your device.

Impact Drill TE-ID 1050/1 CE Maximum power even for the hardest material!


Hand controlled saws, millers, grinders and multi-functional tools with mains-connection

Millimetre precision in every cut: Our jigsaws, circular saws and all-purpose saws help you overcome any obstacle in interior design! This indispensable renovation aid cuts through wood, stone, plaster - and even metal! Just mark, set and cut through. You cannot leave out our grinders when doing a proper renovation project. As wide the range of applications, so wide is also our product range: At Einhell you will find belt sanders, rotating sanders, angle grinders, delta sanders,  orbital sanders and multiple sanders offering utmost precision and smooth operation.

All Purpose Saw TC-AP 650 E Saws for different materials - blade replacement without tools.


Electric stirrers, paint spray systems, laser measurement and detectors

You tore the walls down, drilled holes and laid the tiles?  Then it is time for that finishing touch! Whether it is mixing paints effortlessly and applying them with precision and thrift or uniformly lacquering high-quality furniture: Einhell's stirrers and  paint spray systems make the last stretch of your interior design project as easy as possible! You like to be tidy and organised, there is very little garbage when you work and you save time and money. You can precisely measure the space you have renovated in seconds with our laser measurement tools. When doing this you not only feel the pride of a task well done but can also see it displayed with millimeter level precision.

Laser Measuring Tool TC-LD 50 Precise measurements In virtually zero time - and exact to two millimeters.

More from Einhell

The next project is already waiting for you!

The end of a project is the beginning of the next: Real DIY enthusiasts grow with their challenges. And the Einhell tool assortment simply grows along with you. Take a look at our stationary machines. They open up many more Do-It- Yourself possibilities. Be they power generators, air compressors, welding machines or bench top saws: Make it possible - and move up to the next level in your DIY journey.