A DIY worker looks at the precisely cut workpiece from a Einhell band saw.

Stationary machines for DIY enthusiasts

Precise, thorough and tough

Take up new challenges with maximum Einhell-Power for really big projects! Our stationary machines can be used anywhere, where a lot of power and precision is required. On the construction site, in brickwork, in the kitchen or bathroom, garage or garden. They can perform the most varied tasks: Need air pressure to clean? Then reach out for one of our powerful air compressors. You want to cut parquet flooring, tiles or stones? Our saws and separators will do the work for you. Repairs or craft work? Do it right, with one of our welding machines!

In all this talk about power and performance, we have not forgotten one important thing: You! Our machines are simple to use and easy to operate. They help you in your work and make your projects happen. Watch now!

Further information about Einhell products

In just a few seconds you can access the Einhell product range available in your country. Just enter your country of residence and get on the way!

Your Enabler moment: 32 sqm attic. 13 mm parquet flooring. 4 curved angles. 48 razor-sharp saw teeth. No place for inaccuracies. Lots of space for your family. I did it!

Air compressor/Power generator

Air compressor, impact screwdriver, power generators with petrol or diesel engine

Whether it is in the workshop or garage : our electric air compressors never go breathless. They come in various sizes and capacities making it easy to use them anywhere, where you need air pressure. When changing tires, assembling or when cleaning. Latest latest - and portable - our battery operated PRESSITO, a member of the Power X-Change battery family. In addition to this, there are of course pneumatic tools too.

Portable power generators with petrol or diesel engines free you of the dependence on external power sources. You can generate full 230 V power for different applications - at the construction site, camping site or in the garden.

PRESSITO The battery operated compressor for all, who need air pressure - easily and quickly.


Table saws, mitre saws, tile and stone cutting machines, planers and more

Work with millimeter level precision under the toughest conditions: our saws and cutting machines separate not only wheat from chaff but also stone from stone, tile from tile or wood from wood. Easy, effortless - and with high performance reserve. Brute force is not everything: the Einhell mitre saw helps you make especially delicate and precise cuts. 

High-quality saw blades, modern drives and sturdy construction are what make our saws give you good cut quality and utmost safety while working.  Find the right saw for your projects now!

Table Saw TE-CC 2025 UF Precise and sturdy: Our basic machine to cut individual pieces.


Versatile welding tools and bench grinders for stationary and portable use.

Welding is a complex and challenging art for many DIYers. The right welding machine from Einhell can turn this turn this myth into reality. You will find with us suitable devices for different welding procedures, from compact inverter-welders to powerful shielding gas welders.

Our bench grinders go about their work with great finesse. Our belt sanders or wet/dry sanders help you keep knives, scissors, tools or materials sharp and ready for the next use.

Inverter welding machine TC-IW 110 Smooth power from 10 to 100 Ampere - ideal for all hobby projects.


Airconditioners, heaters, radiant heaters, heaters and dehumidifiers

Be it summer, when sweat is trickling down your brow or winter when your ears are freezing, our electric heaters and ariconditioners come to your timely rescue. Designed for mid-sized rooms they create the ideal ambient conditions for commited DIY enthusiasts. They distinguish themselves with their smooth operation, excellent energy efficiency and ability to provide utmost comfort. For larger rooms, construction sites or drying of buildings, our gas heaters or diesel heaters are what you will need. As heaters or radiators they offer utmost heating and maximum safety both portable and also stationary.

You heated your basement, but it is still damp? Then it is time to bring in our dehumidifiers. They help remove high humidity when drying walls and rooms.

Convector GCH 2000 The perfect heater for temporary or full-time heating needs of small and mid-sized rooms.

More from Einhell

Your power tools for large or small applications

Einhell machines and devices are not just for tough and heavy tasks. Our wide range of handheld power tools help you in small projects too and help you complete them quickly and efficiently. Discover our cordless Power X-Change tools, our high performance drillers and grinders and our comfortable paint spray systems. Basic assortment for all DIY enthusiasts!