A gardener cuts grass near a tree with an Einhell lawn trimmer.

Efficient water pumps and domestic water works from Einhell

Long lasting, environmental friendly and reliable

Bring on the water! You can be rest assured that with our versatile water pumps and domestic water works you will no longer break into a sweat. Use rain water or natural sources to water your garden or meet the water requirements of your home with your own ground water source. All that you need is one of our pumps - and of course water. And if you have water logging, either due to flood water or an overflowing basements, our dirt water pumps will get you out of the patch reliably. Literally!

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Your Enabler moment: 8 hours of continuous rain. 310 litres rainwater collected. 4600 litres per hour required. 5 days water for your garden. Simple. Natural. I did it.


Dirt water pumps, clear water pumps and 2-1 combined pumps

There is more water than you want - at places where it should not be there? Then our drainage pumps are the ideal tools to remove the water in overflowing cellars,  to pump out water from construction pits or to dry out your garden. Our 2in1 combinded pumps are specially versatile. You simply set the desired water level you want and you see, how effectively the pump removes clear water as well as waste water. Drying was never so easy!

2-1 Combined Pump GE-DP 7330 LL ECO The dirt water pump, that can also pump clear water efficiently and almost up to ground level.


Garden pumps and rain barrel pumps for home and garden

It rains since hours, but you still have a smile on your face? No miracle, as the proud owner of an Einhell water pump rain for you can now find sustainable use of rain water. Our submersible pumps and rain barrel pumps use collected rain water from reservoirs or cisterns to meet your garden's water requirements saving resources in the process. It is not only good for the environment but also saves costs. Win-win Weather, say Einhell.

Garden Pump GC-GP 1046 N Impressive and high-suction extraction: the perfect garden pump for ambitious hobby gardeners.


Save water efficiently with Einhells's domestic or automatic water works.

Saving water is so easy! If you want to reduce your consumption, do something good for the environment and also save money in the process, you will find the right pumps in our domestic water supply. Our domestic water works uses rainwater collected from reservoirs or own water well for different household uses. From flushing toilets to washing machine: use existing water sources and make your household fit for sustainable water supply.

Automatic Water Works GC-AW 1136 Ideal for supporting clear water from reservoirs, for watering or domestic water supply.

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