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DIYers and tool kits grow with their projects

Installing a floor, laying tiles, erecting a fence, or fitting a new kitchen – it has become evident over the last few years that more and more people are reaching for the hammer, brush and cordless drill themselves, according to a study by international management consultants Accenture. And there has been no let-up in the trend towards doing it yourself since then. The opposite in fact: the latest statistics reveal that some 70 percent of people reckon they are DIY experts and are happy to tackle repairs and build things. But what are the right tools for which DIY project? Philip Maier, Product Trainer at Einhell, has already coached numerous specialist advisers in DIY stores, passing on valuable tips in how to find the right tools for the particular project.

With every project that is completed successfully, both the tool kit and the ability of the DIYer will grow.

The right tool for every project
“Pretty much everyone will already have screwdrivers and pliers, a phase tester, a wrench set with ratchet, a hammer and a folding rule in their toolbox. But which special tools and devices are required in addition will naturally depend on the projects that they want to take on. There is now a whole range of easy-to-use tools on the market that will enable them to handle the widest range of projects,” the Einhell expert says. “And with every project that is completed successfully, both the tool kit and the ability of the DIYer will grow.”

Philip Maier’s first tip: “We’d always recommend using battery-operated tools. They are now extremely powerful indeed, and very much the equal of corded alternatives when it comes to performance. That makes having to hunt for the nearest socket and running the risk of stumbling over tangled cables long since a thing of the past. When selecting the brand, we advise making sure that the battery can also be used in other tools, because that saves money and space while also protecting the environment. With its Power X-Change battery platform, for instance, Einhell offers the possibility of using any of its branded batteries in now over 300 DIY and garden tools from Einhell. That's a wide range that is actually still being expanded further.”

According to the Einhell Do-It-Yourself-Study 2023, more than 90 percent of DIYers already have a cordless screwdriver. That's hardly surprising: “There are solutions to suit a whole range of needs and requirements: from miniature cordless screwdrivers for fitting screws, to cordless drills/screwdrivers of various sizes and performance classes for screwdriving and drilling in wood, metal and plastic, and even cordless hammer drills/drivers for drilling in concrete, rock and stone. For example, the TP-CD 18/60 Li-i BL from Einhell is a high-performance multi-tasking screwdriver that covers three function areas: screwdriving, drilling and impact drilling,” explains Philip Maier.

Anyone laying a parquet floor or tackling other jobs involving wood will also need a practical saw. “You only get perfect cuts if you use the right saw. A crosscut saw or a drag, crosscut and miter saw or a bench-type circular saw are each recommended for performing cross cuts and making exact longitudinal cuts in order to obtain a perfectly fitting floor covering. The cordless versions cater for maximum flexibility at the point of use. Then, for filigree operations such as cutting holes for heating pipes, a jigsaw is ideal. Hand-held circular saws are also useful, and there are plenty of other areas everywhere in the home and workshop where these can be used,” says the Einhell Product Trainer.

An angle grinder makes sense when dealing with metal and stone. “Here too, Einhell offers cordless tools in a range of sizes and power settings. Many Einhell models are equipped with a PurePOWER brushless motor that provides them with maximum power, endurance and working life,” explains Maier.

Cordless multifunction tools such as the VARRITO from Einhell are real jacks-of-all-trades in the workshed. “They allow you to saw wood, plastic and even some metals very precisely and also grind or scrape in places that are hard to reach,” says Maier. Orbital grinders, belt grinders or eccentric grinders are used on the other hand when tackling larger surfaces. “It’s important that the grinder is fitted with a dust collection box and an adapter for connecting a wet & dry vac. Not only will that provide clean air, it will also help keep the sandpaper abrasive for longer,” the Einhell expert explains.

After larger projects in particular, the number one task afterwards is cleaning. “Every building site produces dirt,” Maier knows, which is why he recommends two tools straight off: “Einhell's cordless TE-VC 36/30 Li S wet & dry vac, which comes with a range of nozzles, is a real boon here. It can be used to clean and dry everything from dusty upholstery to puddles on the floor. The tools used can be blow-cleaned with compressed air. Not surprisingly, compressors are also available in cordless versions. Similarly, the quick and practical way to remove the dirt that accumulates outdoors is to use a push sweeper or a leaf blower.”

Maier points out: “As a DIYer, you don’t need to have all the tools right from the start. Instead, you can build up your own equipment bit by bit depending on the project. The only important thing is to think very carefully when making the first purchase: Do I really still want to use corded tools? Or should I go for cordless tools that offer the greatest possible flexibility? And is it from a brand whose battery can be used in many other DIY and garden tools?” These and other questions should be borne in mind when deciding what to buy if you are to enjoy tackling your own projects for a long time to come.

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