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Germany, a nation of DIYers – results of the Einhell Do-It-Yourself Study 2023

“Doing it yourself is a matter of honor,” say 70 percent of Germans, according to the recent Einhell Do-It-Yourself Study 2023. Einhell Germany AG, the leading supplier of garden and DIY tools, joined forces with the SINUS Institute to conduct a representative survey of more than 2,000 participants exploring when and why they set to work in the house and garden.

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“Doing it yourself is a matter of honor,” say 70 percent of Germans, according to the recent Einhell Do-It-Yourself Study 2023.

Germans enjoy spending time doing gardening and DIY 

Germany is a nation of DIYers – that is the conclusion of the Einhell Do-It-Yourself Study 2023. Germans enjoy activities in both the home and the garden, with 69 percent of Germans saying: “I enjoy spending time gardening.” When it comes to DIY, more than half of those asked – 56 percent – welcome the opportunity to do it.  

Andreas Kroiss, CEO of Einhell Germany AG: “Our Einhell Do-It-Yourself Study 2023 confirms the high regard in which DIY is held and hence our strategy of cordless freedom. In the Power X-Change battery platform we offer our customers equipment for the home and garden that is long lasting and user friendly. Every Power X-Change battery can be used in over 250 battery-operated tools and garden machines. We are continually expanding this product range.

What is noticeable is that it is mainly those who have their own garden who are “always on the lookout for new projects” in and around it. More than half (58 percent) of Germans agree with this statement. Women in particular prove to be very committed to it, with around three in four women indicating that they enjoy spending time gardening.

Of the usual activities, mowing the lawn comes out top at 84 percent, followed by digging the ground (80 percent) and cutting hedges (78 percent). 29 percent of those surveyed had even already felled a tree themselves. 

DIY projects: Assembling furniture, laying tiles, renovating the bathroom

At 68 percent, the DIY activity performed most often is assembling an item of furniture in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Activities such as painting, varnishing and wallpapering are also popular DIY jobs. Many Germans do not shy away from even complex projects: Alongside laying tiles (15 percent) and fitting a door, 14 percent of Germans have already renovated a bathroom.

Regardless of demographic features, more than half of Germans are interested in DIY and gardening. For the majority of those surveyed, it is the enjoyment and the balancing factor especially that dominate,” says Dr. Marc Calmbach, managing director of the SINUS Institute and project leader of the study.

What is noteworthy is that the majority of interviewees indicate that they take pleasure in doing things for themselves. According to our Einhell Do-It-Yourself Study 2023, independence, relaxation, self-fulfillment and self-affirmation are the most important motivations for DIY and gardening,” Andreas Kroiss adds.

Calculated for the first time: The Einhell DIY Index

The SINUS Institute and Einhell Germany AG developed the Einhell DIY Index in order to give a snap summary of the affinity of Germans with doing-it-yourself in a single figure. It comprises three dimensions of equal weighting: Interest in DIY, frequency of DIY activity, and subjective assessment of DIY skills.

Based on the first survey, the DIY affinity of the German population stands at 62 out of a possible 100 points. People in the middle age group of 30 to 49 years have the greatest DIY affinity (65 %).

About Einhell Germany AG

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