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Garden expert explains how to get the perfect lawn

“Water, fertilize, mow – and that’s enough to keep the lawn perfect until well into fall,” explains Bayern Munich turf guru Klaus Staudinger. Two years ago he and his team were working hard for Einhell mowing a huge FC Bayern Munich logo into a meadow on the approach path to Munich Airport in order to draw attention to the partnership between the leading DIY and garden tool manufacturer and the record-breaking German soccer team. He knows from experience that with the right care tips it’s possible to enjoy a lush, healthy and verdant green lawn all year round at home too.

For a perfect lawn, the grass should always be cut to a height of between three and five centimeters.

Most garden owners fertilize and mow too infrequently

Water, fertilize, mow – it sounds simple, but in practice it’s a real challenge for many garden owners. “That a lawn mustn't be allowed to dry out and develop brown patches is something may garden owners know. But even when it comes to fertilizing they frequently make mistakes,” Staudinger explains. That's because fertilizing once a year is far too little. “Once the vegetative phase starts in the early part of the year, the lawn needs to be fertilized about every six weeks so that the plants get sufficient nutrients,” he adds. And many garden owners don’t get their lawn mower out often enough either. “For a perfect lawn, the grass should always be cut to a height of between three and five centimeters. If the stalks get longer, the soil becomes susceptible to weeds and uncontrolled growth. Since the lawn can grow up to several centimeters every day in the vegetative phase, you actually need to mow the grass twice a week leading into the summer. Most garden owners don’t do that, however,” Staudinger says.

Robot mowers are the best tool for a perfect lawn

He has a surprising tip: “Anyone wanting a perfect lawn should use a robot mower. That will ensure the grass stays at the desired height, while the clippings that remain on the lawn will fertilize it at the same time.” In its Freelexo series, Einhell has the right model for every size of garden. The robot mower cuts the grass automatically and can, where necessary, be controlled by an app if configured accordingly.

If some of the lawn is already completely covered in moss, full of weeds or so dry that the grass doesn’t recover even after being watered several times, only a radical solution will help, Staudinger says: “In that case you will need to dig it out and relay the lawn.”

Key tips for lawn care in the fall

While the increasingly hot summers often stress the lawn, fall is a particularly suitable time to whip the grass into shape again and prepare it properly for the winter.

If, for instance, the lawn is found to have moss, weeds or thatch in it after the summer, the scarifier needs to be brought into action once more before the winter, and ideally by the start of October. That will bring sufficient air and light to distressed patches again. It’s also why it is especially important to remove foliage and windfall fruit from the lawn.

The start of fall is also a good time to sow new seed in bald patches. “However, the soil temperature must be consistently above eight to ten degrees, and the seeds need plenty of light and water if they are to germinate. The grass should then sprout again after one to three weeks. Only when the grass is seven or eight centimeters high can it be mowed for the first time. So it takes about one and a half months to sow a new lawn, and there mustn’t be any ground frost until then,” says lawn guru Staudinger.

The rule of thumb is that grass will grow for as long as temperatures do not regularly fall below ten degrees, so it should continue to be mowed. If the weather conditions are mild, it may even be November before the lawn is mowed for the last time. It is recommended that the last cut leaves the grass at a height of about five centimeters.

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