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Einhell ignites the global marketing turbo with two premium partners

Einhell Germany AG is driving the worldwide expansion of its brand – and the company is doing so with the charisma of two globally renowned partners: the FC Bayern München and the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula 1 Team. The two brands are also front and center of the high-impact TV campaign that has been broadcast in 13 countries since the start of April.

With the start of the 2023 Formula 1 season, the Einhell brand is now also a presence in the elite motor sport as the “Official Tool Expert” of the Mercedes Formula 1 pit lane.

Brand is emotion

As a visionary of a cordless future, Einhell Germany AG has set its sights high. Alongside the consistent expansion of its product range, it is also investing in the strategic development of its own brand: “We have set ourselves ambitious targets and are making rapid progress toward them. Our partnership with FC Bayern has already helped us make a mark. Formula 1 brings us yet another target group and is the second turbo in our international communication, because clear positioning and strong partners on the same wavelength as us will enable us to drive the development of our brand on the international stage,” says Julian Bohry, Director Marketing of Einhell Germany AG. “Our aim is to anchor the Einhell brand emotionally with customers, because brand is emotion.”

E-Team 2.0, Einhell’s special do-it-yourself unit

The partnerships with FC Bayern and the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team form the centerpiece of the TV campaign that was launched in April, and is also now being extended to print and online media. The continuation of the E-Team campaign was created under the guidance of award-winning director Charley Stadler. The E-Team, the special do-it-yourself unit, makes the impossible possible with Power X-Change tools. Using cordless freedom, the four characters – Frank, Crazy-DIY, Skye and Mike, played by Michael Epp and Vinzenz Kiefer, among others – tackle particularly difficult tasks and complete every challenging mission with a smile and a wink. 

The ads of the TV campaign have been broadcast more than 25,000 times in 13 different countries. The campaign features two world-famous faces: Toto Wolff and Oliver Kahn.

Einhell as the “Official Tool Expert” of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team

With the start of the 2023 Formula 1 season, the Einhell brand is now also a presence in the elite motor sport as the “Official Tool Expert” of the Mercedes Formula 1 pit lane. Toto Wolff, team boss and CEO of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team, is the brand ambassador for Einhell in this partnership – and will be making his premiere as an advertising face on TV for Einhell.

The partnership is focusing all its energies on the theme of battery and technology expertise. In addition to the extensive TV facility at Mercedes F1’s headquarters in Brackley (UK), the production team made use of one of the most modern virtual studios in Europe, the Hyperbowl. Under the slogan “Two partners, one mission: Maximum performance,” the Power X-Change tools – thanks to Einhell’s battery expertise – ensure not only cordless freedom, but also maximum performance.

Richard Sanders, Commercial Director of the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team: “I am both impressed and pleased with how well Einhell has succeeded in transferring the technological prowess and energy of our partnership into this advert. The campaign grabs the viewer’s attention and clearly communicates to customers the key aspects of Einhell’s range of products. As seen in the advert, their cordless tools provide the user with total freedom when in use, without sacrificing performance; this is an important function that our team relies on trackside each and every weekend."

A rollercoaster in the Allianz Arena 

Einhell has been a Gold Partner and “Official Home & Garden Expert” of FC Bayern since as long ago as August 2021. Oliver Kahn, CEO of FC Bayern München, appears in person as a brand ambassador for Einhell. He again slips into the role of the client, instructing the E-Team to create the “perfect conditions” in the Allianz Arena. Using the power of many different cordless tools, the E-Team delivers on his specifications in the Allianz Arena – surpassing his expectations in a surprising twist by constructing a gigantic rollercoaster. 

It’s enjoyable to have such a strong and thoroughly committed partner as Einhell at FC Bayern München’s side,” says Andreas Jung, Marketing Director at FC Bayern München. “Like the first campaign, the current TV ad also demonstrates the exceptional commitment and creativity of the Einhell brand. That suits our soccer, because we also want to inspire our fans with playfulness and esprit on the pitch.”

Concluding, Julian Bohry adds: “We are delighted that in FC Bayern München and the Mercedes AMG-PETRONAS F1 Team we have partners at our side who have the same mindset as we do. This is a meeting of category leaders who are always trying to be the number 1 and will never be happy with the status quo. It makes me incredibly proud that two personalities such as Toto Wolff and Oliver Kahn are appearing as brand ambassadors for Einhell. And there’s still more to come.”

Batteries on the march

As a leading manufacturer of ultra-modern tools and garden equipment, Einhell Germany AG can look back on years of almost unparalleled success. The cordless specialist is wowing DIY customers all over the world with its innovative Power X-Change battery platform. Boasting more than 40 subsidiaries, Einhell Germany AG has become a global player with an active presence in over 100 countries. The Power X-Change platform is symbolic of Einhell’s success, and positions the company as the category leader in the cordless tool sector. With over 250 cordless DIY and garden tools, Einhell was the first company to develop a comprehensive and clearly structured battery platform, which is being continually expanded. 

About Einhell Germany AG

Einhell is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art tools and equipment for the house and garden. From its headquarters in Landau/Isar (Bavaria), the internationally successful company has continuously expanded its innovative rechargeable battery platform Power X-Change and is now the market leader in the area of cordless tools and garden equipment. For many years Einhell has set new standards in terms of endurance, performance, and safety. Einhell customers appreciate the freedom of cordless operation for all their DIY projects, as well as the excellent value for money that Einhell products represent and the first-class customer service offered by the company.

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