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FREELEXO robot lawn mower from Einhell: For a perfectly mowed lawn

For some it is a welcome chance to stretch their legs, for others an annoying job that takes up too much time. When it comes to mowing the lawn, opinions are split. Depending on the size of the property, it can mean several hours of work, because the grass needs to be cut at least once a week, particularly in the summer months. Now, though, help is at hand in the shape of the modern FREELEXO robot lawn mower from Einhell, which is operated with a removable 18 Volt Power X-Change battery pack. Saving time, giving precise cutting results and with an environmentally-friendly design, the robot mowers are not just a garden tool, but an intelligent solution for a well-maintained lawn.

In its garden range, battery specialist Einhell offers robot lawn mowers with plenty of setting options and a variety of accessory kits with and without boundary wires.

For gardens small and large

They weave their way almost silently through the grass and are an increasingly common sight in gardens. The trend towards robot lawn mowers shows no sign of letting up, because these practical garden helpers keep the grass perfectly in shape, saving a huge amount of time. The stalks are trimmed precisely every day, with the cuttings remaining on the lawn as natural fertilizer. Not only does this protect the grass from drying out and from night frosts, but the nutrients from the severed stalks also encourage strong and healthy growth.

In its garden range, battery specialist Einhell offers robot lawn mowers with plenty of setting options and a variety of accessory kits with and without boundary wires. Uniquely, the FREELEXO models get their power from a removable Power X-Change battery pack rather than a permanent battery. This can also be used in all other tools across the battery platform, which already comprises over 300 DIY and garden tools. After cutting the grass, for instance, you can continue to use the battery in a hedge trimmer, grass trimmer or cordless screwdriver. What’s more, the range per battery charge can be adapted to the size of the area you need to mow, as the Power X-Change batteries are available with different capacities (Ah). With the corresponding installation accessories, the robot lawn mowers can handle lawns from 300 to 1200 square meters in size, making them suitable for bigger gardens as well.

The robot lawn mower without boundary wires

One of the top products in the range is the FREELEXO CAM 500 robot lawn mower, which boasts sophisticated camera technology and is ideal for lawns of up to 500 square meters. The integrated camera scans the area to be mowed and identifies optical boundary features such as stones, pools or bark mulch based on color and structure. The ultrasonic sensors also recognize obstacles and physical boundaries like hedges, walls and trees. That removes the need to spend a lot of time setting up a boundary wire. An intuitive keypad makes it easy to program the mowing times.

Thanks to the mowing mode for secondary areas, the FREELEXO CAM 500 can also be used flexibly in separate parts of the garden. The scope of supply includes a five-meter-long magnetic tape that can be configured as a virtual fence. The integrated magnetic sensors detect the magnetic tape and turn the mower away on reaching it. This makes it possible to mark off areas that are not to be tackled, such as those around a freshly planted tree or a flower meadow. A rain sensor, anti-theft protection and impact, tilt, and lift sensors are also included as standard. The cutting height of the robot lawn mower can be adjusted from 20 to 60 millimeters, and the mower can handle slopes of up to 25 percent. 

About Einhell Germany AG

Einhell is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art tools and equipment for the house and garden. From its headquarters in Landau/Isar (Bavaria), the internationally successful company has continuously expanded its innovative rechargeable battery platform Power X-Change and is now the market leader in the area of cordless tools and garden equipment. For many years Einhell has set new standards in terms of endurance, performance, and safety. Einhell customers appreciate the freedom of cordless operation for all their DIY projects, as well as the excellent value for money that Einhell products represent and the first-class customer service offered by the company.

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