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New year’s resolutions: How to make the next big project a success

Whether finally getting the garden re-laid or renovating the house, the good resolutions that people make for the new year now increasingly include complex projects in and around their own home. The Einhell Do-It-Yourself Study 2023 revealed, for instance, that 49 percent of those questioned regularly looked for new projects they could tackle within their own four walls, while the figure for gardening was as high as 58 percent. The bigger the project, though, the more difficult it is to see it through to the end. Philip Maier, Product Trainer at Einhell Germany AG, has eleven tips for bringing big projects to a successful conclusion.

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Einhell product expert Philip Maier reveals eleven tips that will help you bring big projects to a successful conclusion.

It’s important to have a specific goal

First: A clear objective is critical. To ensure the success of a new project, it is important to formulate the goal clearly and consider the following points before setting about the planning: Why do I want to do this project? What is my goal? Is this goal achievable for me? When is the project to be done by? These are questions that need to be clarified in advance. “A big project is like hiking up a mountain. If you don’t even know at the start which peak you want to climb and by which path, you will it difficult getting to the top,” says Philip Maier, adding: “A specific goal could be something like saying ‘I want to fit a new kitchen by Easter’.”

Second: Motivation is key. Motivation is a driving force that plays a huge role in realizing a new project, because it helps you maintain focus, overcome obstacles, and ultimately be successful. “There are a number of factors that could influence our motivation. Alongside the wish to learn and develop your skills, creativity and the feeling of satisfaction you get from making progress are also crucial,” the product expert explains.

Third: Set yourself intermediate goals. Anyone who looks up at a peak from the valley before the long hike up will be familiar with that moment of doubt: ‘I’ll never make it up there’. It's rather like that with large projects, and, when the first difficulties occur, many people throw in the towel. “In this case I recommend setting yourself lots of small goals. Every goal you achieve motivates you to keep going. And don’t forget to reward yourself – such as with an early evening beer as you look over the project site with satisfaction,” Maier says.

Fourth: Timetable and work schedule. “Find out what the individual work steps are, and the correct order for doing them. Nothing is worse for motivation than having to dismantle something again. The internet has a huge number of tutorials for just about every project, and good DIY stores will have experts who will be happy to pass on useful tips. Draw up a project plan with specific intermediate steps. Even if you throw your timetable and work schedule overboard later, you’ll have an initial idea of how time-intensive your project is,” the product expert recommends.

Fifth: The right tool. “Even if you’re only assembling a cupboard from a certain Swedish furniture brand, you’ll quickly notice how useful a cordless screwdriver is. That's all the more the case with more demanding projects. If someone wants to lay a parquet floor, for instance, but they don’t have either a manual circular saw or a jigsaw, they’ll soon lose their nerve. Whether they’re for use inside or outside, battery-operated tools are the best option because they now have sufficient power and endurance. They can also be used flexibly without the need for a power source,” Maier continues.

Sixth: Avoid false economies. What is true for tools is also true for building materials. Anyone looking to save money by using the wrong screws when building a patio, for instance, or not using iron in a concrete foundation, will ultimately pay for it. This is where it will help to plan properly, do your internet research and seek advice from the experts in DIY stores or the builder’s merchant.

Seventh: Get professionals involved. Maier has this advice: “Not everyone can do everything. Some steps, such as electrical wiring and plumbing, should be left to professional tradespeople. Here too, good planning helps to ensure that the experts can provide advice where needed and get their work done at the right time.”

Eighth: Don’t try to do everything at once. “If you want to build a garden shed, for instance, then set aside a weekend on which you can work solely on the foundation. In fact, it’s best if the material for the future garden shed isn’t even on site yet. That means you will have a small, completed project that doesn’t overburden you, but motivates you instead,” Philip Maier adds.

Ninth: There is strength in serenity. “Finish work in good time so you can reflect on the progress you have made. After the day's work you will often need to tidy up the site and clean the tools, and this can quickly take a whole hour. That’s why it is important to stop the work in good time in the late afternoon so that you don’t end up getting incredibly frustrated,” the product trainer says.

Tenth: No one is perfect from the start.“Every craftsperson started from scratch once, so you shouldn’t put yourself under pressure unnecessarily,” says Einhell expert Maier, adding the following advice: “Many cosmetic flaws can be improved at a later stage, or you can always get someone in to help you. What’s sure is that you will get better with every project.”

Eleventh: Success can be shared. Maier: “Work as a team. Not only is that more practical with many jobs, it’s also motivational. There is an old African saying that goes: ‘If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to get far, go together.’”

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