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Unsteady stock market year.

The stock market year 2016 was very changeable, whereby the development of the stock market rate was especially influenced by political topics.

At the beginning of the stock market year, cautious economic data from China have already caused a crash on the stock exchange. In February, the DAX reached its annual low of 8.753 points. However, the DAX has already exceeded the 10.000 points in March again. A further collapse of the DAX was caused in June by the surprising election result of the Britons to leave the EU. However, the DAX rose up again to 10.000 points in July, where it remained during the second half year. The surprising election of Trump to the new American President generated only a slight and short‐term decline on the stock exchange. The MDAX was able to assert itself during the year 2016. At the end of the year it showed a gain of 6.8%.

This good stock exchange development can be explained by the continuation of low interest rates, which make classical investments like saving books and governments bonds unattractive. While the FED has raised interest rates slightly since 2016, they are expected to remain at a historical low level in Europe.

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